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We find & match Undervalued Developers with Modern Companies

Øyvind Solberg, Software Developer

the most professional, thoughtful
and sensible way to test I've seen

What we offer


Matching undervalued developers & modern companies.

Job Sims

Deep IT job simulations to find & help undervalued developers.

  • Feedback from top developers
  • Hyper-realistic day-in-the-life
  • Active promotion of top scorers

Job Match

Helping undervalued developers find entry-level IT jobs.

  • Accurate entry-level rankings
  • Role categorization that works
  • Tailored version coming soon..

Talent Match

Helping modern companies find & hire undervalued developers.

  • Double (2x) your talent pool
  • Time-to-hire as low as 2 days
  • 100% value-on-day-1 guarantee
What we solve


Why our products exist.

Job hunting sucks

Job hunting is unereasonably hard.. leaving people demoralized & soul-crushed.

  • Generic rejection emails
  • Passive 'ghosting' rejections
  • Zero feedback..

CV filters suck

CV filters help hiring managers, but give many caniddates an impossible obstacle.

  • Traditional credentials needed
  • Low predictive validity
  • Unconscious bias baked in

Interviewing sucks

Interviews are fine.. if you do them once. Doing them over and over is very draining.

  • Irrelevant & weird questions
  • Takes a lot of time & effort
  • Almost no feedback..
Why we exist

Our Story

The journey, vision & mission behind DIGGIT.

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