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The Mission

We're bridging the gap between industry & education.

In order to radically improve education systems; worldwide.

Big problems – we know. Too big? Maybe.

Worth a shot? 100%.

The Team

We're Geeks, Debaters, Outsiders & Overachievers

We're geeks, debaters, outsiders & overachievers. We over-engineer & over-analyze. We challenge, debate & research in extreme depth.

We're inspired by innovation. Disappointed by systems that don't work. Infuriated with the unfair & unreasonable.

We see error as opportunity. Hiding lessons for growth. Available to those with a humble heart, an open mind, clear vision & keen ears.

We find & help other rebels & round pegs. Including undervalued developers. And people building modern companies.

Our Story

We started as a Research Team in Q1 2016..

Because low-level postfix conversion using the shunting yard algorithm & the foundation for physics calculation engines is awesome.

By 2016, Prof. Per-Henrik Hogstad had built a huge collection of physics simulations. But, they were all written in ActionScript. Rewriting these physics simulations in modern JavaScript was intriguing. So in January 2016, Magnus founded an extracurricular research team. And we joined Dr. Hogstad in this exciting exploration; starting with the fundamentals of calculation.

The initial extracurricular Research Team, photographed after presenting to MatRIC & a group of professors.

After a while, our research team changed course towards empowerment. Specifically, empowering students to build their own calculators from scratch.

Sidenote: 3 years later, in 2019, HackerRank reported that calculators were now the most popular 1st projects for developers. "Calculators are the new games" , they reported.

Q3 2016, funded by MatRIC

The story continues, more features are developed, and we eventually deliver TutoCalculator; a complete interactive make-your-own-calculator website. It features video tutorials, automated testing, intelligent hint generation and automated feedback.

We deliver multiple milestones above and beyond expectations. Professor Simon Goodchild, the head of the Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching (MatRIC), takes notice. Eventually, the group is receiving funding from MatRIC - one of Norway's Centres for Excellence in Education.

Participation at Statnett, with a poster presentation.

At this point, we're also invited to speak at multiple conferences, including MatRIC’s Annual Conference (2016): Addressing the Challenges Faced by Teachers and Learners, ADILA: Agder Digital Learning Arena (2016): D-TEL Symposium on Advances in Digital Technologies, and Statnett's R&D Conference (2017).

Q1 2017, first classroom pilot at UiA

Multiple developmens where presented to the leadership of MatRIC. Sometimes, also to various professors at the University of Agder. After one of our presentations, Professor Margrethe Wold showed interest.

She was teaching a mathematics optimization course. She discovered the potential to use what we've created as a teaching tool; providing her students with interactive lessons with automated feedback.

Milestones delivered for the mathematics optimization course.

This led to the introduction of serving multiple different courses; as opposed to the single course on creating your own calculator which we had developed this far.

Worth Noting: Without the help of Prof. Per-Henrik Hogstad, Prof. Simon Goodchild & Prof. Margrethe Wold, the project would probably not have existed today. We're forever grateful that you gave us a chance this early on.

Q3 2017, funded by the Research Council of Norway

In Q2 2017, several professors urge us to apply for a unique grant from the Research Council of Norway. We present to a selection commitee of top researchers & business leaders. We end up selected, and receive a substantial grant to take our innovation to market. As a requirement for accepting the grant, we need to form a company.

The original founder team, including Simen Fossnes, Tarek Rahou and Magnus Lysfjord.

Shortly after, we move to Oslo, Norway's top city for tech startups. We get accepted into Norway's most prestigious incubtor, StartupLab (8% acceptance rate), the birthplace of Norway's top startups, including Kahoot!, reMarkable, Huddly & more.


Ok, at this point, we'll just guess you've lost interest.. or turned to skimming.. We know, it's a long story. Either way, we're happy to tell you more over chat or in a meeting.

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