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2x your Talent Pool – with Hidden IT Talent

Find qualified talent. Hidden gems ignored by traditional processes. Affordable. High value. From day one. Be the first to discover high-skill hidden IT talent – with DIGGIT.

Happy female developer doing a Job Simulation

Equal Opportunity

It's a useful tool that give candidates equal opportunity to show their skills; regardless of how their CV looks like.

Maria Nesseth's picture

Maria Nesseth –
Senior Recruiter
at Cruit AS

Real Recruitment

This here is real tech recruitment - it's caring, motivational and important for candidates.

Rune Vangen's picture

Rune Vangen –
Head of Development
at Innovation Norway

Why DIGGIT matters

Intro Video

A quick intro to the why, what & how of DIGGIT.

Backed by Research Institutions

DIGGIT is backed by the Research Council of Norway & the Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching (MatRIC). We became a member of the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA) in 2020. And we've followed the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) since its founding in 2017.

What we offer to companies


Discover, assess & hire undervalued developers.

Job Simulations

Deep IT job simulations to find & assess undervalued developers.

  • Data-driven job skills analysis
  • Seamless job ad integration
  • Identify the top 3.3%

Talent Match

Helping modern companies find & hire undervalued developers.

  • Double (2x) your talent pool
  • Time-to-hire as low as 2 days
  • 100% value-on-day-1 guarantee
Success Cases

Satisfied Customers

It's a good, useful tool that gives all candidates the equal opportunity to show their skills, regardless of how their resume looks.

Maria Nesseth's picture

Maria Nesseth –
DNV GL Certified Recruiter
at Cruit AS

Our current tech assessment provider, Kattis, is poor. After the pilot, we ideally want you as our permanent solution to assess 1000's of talent

Marius Jansen's picture

Marius Jansen –
Sales Director
at Experis Academy

I believe DIGGIT is the solution to the softaware dev recruitment crisis.

Arnfinn Madsen's picture

Arnfinn Madsen –
Senior Recruiter
at Avantgarde Search

People sign up for the [Microsoft x DIGGIT] challenge, learn the hands-on, then we decide how we celebrate top performers.

Maxim Salnikov's picture

Maxim Salnikov –
Developer Prod. Lead
at Microsoft

This is what we've been looking for. LinkedIn on steroids!

John Are Forsberg's picture

John Are Forsberg –
CEO Lawolab
at Lawolab

We had an amazing collaboration hiring for Allente (Kanal Digital & Viasat) the top assessed developer thanks to DIGGIT

Sangram Bal's picture

Sangram Bal –
Lead Developer
at Allente

You get to see how a person codes/thinks in their implementation, and it even opens up the floor for much better discussions with candidates.

Luke Roberts's picture

Luke Roberts –
Senior Dev @Microsoft
at Microsoft

I'm so thankful for your time and also for your services.. My hiring needs were taken care of.

Adi Gashi's picture

Adi Gashi –
at CV Mal

Through our collaboration with DIGGIT, we've gotten in touch with developers we know to be incredible - and we can prove that they are.

Arve Nøstdahl's picture

Arve Nøstdahl –
DNV GL Certified Recruiter
at Cruit AS

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