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Pricing for Developers

You'll never be asked to pay anything unvil you've been hired. And with our free plan, you won't have to pay anything at all.

Happy female developer doing a Job Simulation


Our Free Plan (Most Popular) For you if you have the skills, but don't get a fair chance due to lacking old credentials and/or not wanting to fake it/sell yourself.

Features - what you get in the free plan.

  • an inspiring job hunt experience
  • feedback from top developers verify skills relevant to the job
  • gain industry-relevant experience
  • discover your skills, and their value
  • ... and more!

"Wait... How is this FREE?"

Innovative companies are looking for talented developers like yourself. Tech talent is in short supply, and this shortage is growing. CV filters aren’t sufficient - they don’t identify enough developers.

And access to highly skilled developers is very valuable to companies. We can offer you these high value services for free, because companies pay for access to the highly skilled developers we identify. The upside of this is that you

no longer have to focus on selling yourself or polishing your CV. You can finally focus on what really matters: your skills. And get the recognition you deserve as you progress and grow as a developer.

Our Plans

Our plans are pretty simple at this point. We want to serve as many undiscovered talent as we possibly can with our starter plan. And for whoever feels they need extra help, we offer dedicated support with no upfront risk. No credit card required.

Starter Plan (FREE)

For you if you have the skills, but don't get a fair chance due to lacking credentials or not wanting to sell yourself inauthentically.

Top Features:

  • an inspiring job hunt experience
  • great feedback from top developers
  • discover your skills, and their value

To get started with the starter plan, simply create an account and start a job simulation!

Ultra-Support Plan (10% of 1st year's salary)

For you if you've been left soul-crushed by the job hunt, and need dedicated support that will guarantee you land a job - fast.

Top Features:

  • 100% job guarantee (no job, no cost)
  • extra promotion to companies
  • access to top developer mentors
  • everything from the starter plan

To sign up for the ultra support plan, contact us through our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we get on this page. Can't find the question on your mind? Simply use the contact form to ask us anything!

What's the success rate? Where's the proof that this works?

Our first customer has experienced tremendous results. Over 10 additional developers were hired. And more than a 17x decrease in mistaken rejections. They coined the term “real recruitment” to describe the approach - praising us for skill assessment balanced with empathy and support.

How will you support me before, during and after the job simulation?

Before a challenge you get links to valuable online assets that can be used towards upskilling. During a challenge, you’ll have our entire community available on Discord ready to address any questions you might have. After a challenge, you’ll be evaluated within a few days. By that time, we’ll set up a follow-up conversation and present your challenge report.

What kind of feedback will I get? Do you have examples?

Each challenge has a specific set of criteria prioritized based on how important they are to companies. This criteria becomes the foundation for your score, the feedback you get, and your letter of improvement.

What do you mean by "job simulation"?

Challenges give you a chance to experience key aspects of the job upfront, while verifying your skills. The tasks are physically and/or psychologically similar to those you’ll be doing in the job connected to the challenge. You can think of it as a job simulation.

Who are these developers evaluation me?

You’ll be assessed by professional developers. They’re verified to have extremely high levels of skill within the areas being evaluated. They get paid for what they do - so only the best get a chance to become an Evaluator. If you score high enough, you might also qualify.

How do you define "skills"?

By “skills”, we mean the ability to apply knowledge and use know-how to complete tasks and solve problems. Skills can be cognitive (involving the use of logical, intuitive and creative thinking), or practical (involving manual dexterity and the use of methods, materials, tools and instruments).