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Best Entry Level Web And Multimedia Developer Jobs

What work is done by Web And Multimedia Developers?

Web and multimedia development professionals combine design and technical knowledge to research, analyse, evaluate, design, program and modify websites and applications that draw together text, graphics, animations, imaging, audio and video displays and other interactive media. Tasks include - (a) analysing, designing and developing Internet sites by applying a mixture of artistry and creativity with software programming and scripting languages and interfacing with operating environments; (b) designing and developing digital animations, imaging, presentations, games, audio and video clips and Internet applications using multimedia software, tools and utilities, interactive graphics and programming languages; (c) communicating with network specialists regarding web-related issues such as security and hosting websites, to control and enforce Internet and web server security, space allocation, user access, business continuity, website backup and disaster recovery planning; (d) designing, developing and integrating computer code with other specialized inputs such as image files, audio files and scripting languages, to produce, maintain and support websites; (e) assisting in analysing, specifying and developing Internet strategies, web-based methodologies and development plans. Examples of the occupations classified here: - Animation programmer - Computer games programmer - Internet developer - Multimedia programmer - Website architect - Website developer Some related occupations classified elsewhere: - Website designer - 2166 - Webmaster - 3514 - Website administrator - 3514 - Website technician - 3514

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85 Web And Multimedia Developers Jobs Available