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Skills Based Job Hunting

Keep Getting Rejected From Developer Jobs? There's a new and better way available that doesn't leave you soul crushed. Read on to learn what, why & how!

Happy female developer doing a Job Simulation

The Problem: A Crushing Journey

Stuck applying? Or doing technical interviews? Either way, you get little feedback. Generic rejection emails. And ghosted. Getting a dev job sucks.. but why?!

Rejected Again? Really?!

Recently graduated? Making a transition in your career? Wherever you come from, it’s shockingly common to get rejected for all dev jobs you apply or interview for. It happens to more than you know...

23-year-old Jake Hope sent out over 400 applications, and still didn’t get hired. After hundreds of rejections, we start to wonder if we’re the problem.

We don’t deserve to be stuck in the depths of despair. No one does. After all, we’re not doing anything wrong! We’re just trying to get a job, right?

Ghosted & Generically Rejected

Generic rejections leaves us wondering. Was it due to lacking skills? It can’t be. Afterall, we never got a chance to show them. With question after question, wonder turns into worry. We’re now worse off than before we even began.

Getting rejected sucks. But being left with nowhere to go from there adds insult to injury. No direction. No guidance. The sad truth is, companies aren’t going to spend extra time and resources giving us feedback. Why should they? To them, we’re just “yet another candidate”.. Easy to reject. Easy to ignore. But, luckily, there’s a way out…

Reject CVs, Inject Realistic Job Simulations

To improve your job hunt experience, you need a better feedback loop. With better feedback, you learn where you stand - and what to improve.

Another important change revolves around the selection mechanism. To get a fair chance, companies should select you based on your skills - rather than your CV. An enhanced selection method exists. It’s been researched for decades, but has been too costly for companies to use... until now.

This method is called Job Simulations

They enable verification of your skills. With that comes the opportunity to give you the clear & actionable feedback you deserve. Innovative companies use them instead of CV filters, because it helps them find better candidates. With job simulations, you get great feedback and fair selection based on your skills. No need for a CV. And no need to sell yourself inauthentically.

Your Problem, Our Mission

There’s a growing gap between industry and education. You feel it every time you apply. Your skills, sadly, don’t matter. You need a perfect track record to even stand a chance.

Since we began our journey at the University of Agder, working under the e-learning expert & physics Prof. Per-Henrik Hogstad 6 years ago - we’ve dedicated our lives to radically improving education. First, as a research team. Eventually, as a company.

We didn’t just want to build Diggit. We needed to build Diggit. To improve education, we first need to bridge the gap. The gap that you feel right now; between education and industry. It’s a technically challenging, systemic problem. And as a deep tech team, we love that. We’ve worked hard to prove that it’s possible. Now we challenge you to turnPossibilityIntoReality().

A Loop that Keeps on Crushing

Most products try to help you within the current paradigm. But the traditional job hunt remains a soul-crushing journey driven by a rejection-based, negative feedback loop. No matter the amount of algorithm problems you solve.

Staffing companies might seem like a good idea… at first. Until you’re thrown around from company to company. Pressured to take bad jobs. If chronic stress from feeling disposable isn’t enough, maybe irrelevant tests or generic feedback gets to you. One round of job hunting can be soul-crushing. Imagine experiencing it, again, again… and again.

Work Sample Tests are both practical and industry-relevant by design. By using top developers to evaluate your performance, you’ll get useful & actionable feedback. You can do them at your own pace, in your own space - while getting some of the most dedicated support you’ve ever experienced. The job-hunt becomes inspiring to you, while bringing better results to companies.

The Solution: Better Job Hunting (duh)

This is the only inspiring journey that'll land you a great job in tech — by verifying your skills and giving you useful feedback; every step of the way.

2x Accuracy & 2x Job Opportunities

Work Sample Tests (WST) outperform even the most structured CV analysis (called biodata).[1][2] Prediction of job performance with biodata is at 25%[1], and Work Sample Tests in comparison is at 56%.[2] That’s more than a 2x improvement! This gives you a fairer selection process — based on skill, rather than history and credentials. More importantly, Work Sample Tests can almost 2x your job opportunities. If you lack credentials it can be much more than 2x. Based on our observations, only 25% of candidates have a CV good enough to even be considered. Work Sample Tests give 17% more candidates a fair chance. Total opportunities go from 25% to 42%. Deep Thought would approve.

Job Hunting, Redesigned

A complete overhaul of the job hunt brings opportunities that were never possible before. Check out some of them below!

From Despair - To Landing A Great Job

You have good reasons to despise the traditional job hunt. Give this new journey a chance to propel you all the way to landing a job.

Progress With Every Application

Imagine each application bringing you one step closer to a great job. Low uncertainty. No rejections. Only progress. That’s Diggit.

Feedback From Top Developers

Say goodbye to rejections. Instead, get useful feedback from top developers with every application.

Get Selected Based On Skills

With DIGGIT, you get filtered and selected based on one thing: your skills. Get a fair chance at landing the job, every time.

See How Much your Skills Matter

DIGGIT puts your skills in the context of what companies need, and what others have - so you can know where you stand.

In Trouble? We'll Help You Out

We offer consistent follow-ups, support from our community, and more - everything you need to cross the finish line.

How It Works

You know how the job hunt feels. Time to learn how DIGGIT compares. TL;DR: we turn the painful job hunt into a positive learning experience.


  1. Find Jobs 🔍 It's a numbers game. Find as many jobs as you can. Only a tiny fraction will respond.
  2. Apply To Jobs 🎭 Polish your CV, copy-paste it into repetitive forms & write kiss-up cover letters.
  3. Get A Response 😵 Brace yourself for generic rejection letters, getting ghosted & few interview invites.


  1. Discover your Job Preferences 🎯 Explore work-related likes & dislikes with our help. We’ll help you find matching job opportunities.
  2. Apply With Challenges 💻 Apply to jobs while practicing your craft and verifying your skills - with Challenges.
  3. Get Actionable Feedback 💬 Get feedback from top devs, comparison of results & guidance on how to improve.

In Summary

Ready to make YOUR Job Hunt Inspiring? The best part is that currently you don’t have to pay anything. Try DIGGIT today!


[1] Furnham, Adrian. "The contribution of others’ methods in recruitment and selection: Biodata, references, résumés and CVs." The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Recruitment, Selection and Employee Retention (2017): 202-225.

[2] Schmidt, Frank L., and John E. Hunter. "The validity and utility of selection methods in personnel psychology: Practical and theoretical implications of 85 years of research findings." Psychological bulletin 124.2 (1998): 262.

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